Image of Happy in the UAE

Happy in the UAE


"I see a world of sand and glass and the compulsion to think of that arid and dry geographic materiality is solidified by the sand paper like cover, tan in color and clever in composition that houses the experiences and photographs Martin had in the UAE where he spent four days in jail. These photographs of the UAE are full of investigative wonder and playful dialogue between each image, superbly edited and crafted at points into a gentle soliloquy, which ruminates about seeing the wide world. The book is at other points so intentionally claustrophobic that I can see the experiences that have left their mark on our protagonist-and what was the deed so disdainful that Martin spent four days in jail and lost his passport, mobile and confidence? Taking pictures in the Happy UAE. If there was ever a misnomer fit for such an experience, the “Happy” UAE is may certainly be it. One might expect Stöbich to slide those files and memories of his trip into a drawer with perhaps a few other odd and uncomfortable memories, but he has not. Instead, Martin assessed, got down to it and produced the first of three phenomenal photography books-lets think of them as chapters or better lessons in his book of life, documented brilliantly in resplendent chaos." Brad Feuerhelm for American Suburb X

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